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ExtraDonation provide an innovative yet simple way to raise more funds by non-profit organizations. Place our widget on your website to boost fundraising. It takes 2 minutes to get started and completely free.



Turn all your website visitors into donors

Now all your website visitors can donate gratis. They shop from their choice of the online retailer via widget (right on your website). For every order they place, the online store shares percentage of purchased product as donation to nonprofits. This donation is considered as donation by donors as they’re the shopper. The whole system works automatically. We handle all of the fundraising technology so you can continue to focus on more good work.


A complementary mode to
raise extra donations.

We understand your commitment to improving the lives of others, no matter how big or small. ExtraDonation is the only online fundraising platform in the world enabling you to raise more funds for free.


Solution for

ExtraDonation is designed for various fundraising organizations with a website and they have steady visitors visiting their website.

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Non-government organization
  • Charities
  • Communities

This is not suitable for

  • Medical treatment
  • Crowdfunding
  • Emergency
  • Special events


They Shop,
You Raise Funds,
We Do the Rest.

Widget plug & play integration

Your website, your style. Configure the widget, add your logo and content as per your choice so that to make it look seamless with your website.

Get the JS code to put it under the header tag and done, the widget is now integrated!


Promote new donation way

This is a new concept. Promote among your supporters to make aware of an innovative way to make donation gratis.

Use the media toolkit to create a post on social media or send emails with creatives.


Shopping as usual

Browse thousands of top brands right within your website widget and shop online normally from any of them.

Our technology takes care to convert trackable affiliate links for every shopper.


Donation transaction

For every shopping, the online stores and brands shares percentage of purchased product as donation to nonprofits. The brands and online stores don’t mind paying donation as they get brand visibility and awareness.

Automatically all the purchase transactions will be tracked and reflected in your dashboard within 72 hours.

Donors can also view the transaction in a separate panel if they have entered an email.


Donation payment

As per your withdrawal settings, the payment is transferred to your PayPal account as soon as the amount reaches a threshold.

The payments are processed every working day for eligible charities.



It’s 100% Free, Forever!

Why free? By providing the free service, we are doing our bit to help the world become a better place to live life. For nonprofit organizations like you, we understand your commitment to improve the lives of others, no matter how big or small. At ExtraDonation, we work to bring the power of online shopping to generate more donations to power up the good work.


Frequently Asked Questions

ExtraDonation is a free fundraising platform to raise extra donations at no extra cost for donors or nonprofits.

ExtraDonation is a widget that can be placed on your website and allows donors to shop from their favorite brands and stores. Donors do shopping as usual and stores donate percentage of purchased product as donation. You as a fundraiser can track and view every data in the fundraiser dashboard.

ExtraDonation is a complementary virtual fundraising system which allows raising extra donation while continuing with your other fundraising method. It’s free forever and provides every information like how many visitors have clicked on the widget, donors details, tracking, and many more.

The short answer is a no, we work under a mission to help grow communities and organizations. Hence, we only support non-profits, NGOs, charities, and similar communities which are working for a good cause.

Yes, ExtraDonation is working on Javascript technology. After integration, a popup will appear on the screen. So definitely you need a website to integrate ExtraDonation. The mobile app and extension are under development.

We make sure as a fundraiser or donor you don’t have any trouble. Still, want to contact us? email us at [email protected] or visit our blog resources at blog.extradonation.org.

Yes, ExtraDonation is serving to grow organizations globally.

We provide the promotion toolkit to promote on social media or in your email marketing campaign. You can download this toolkit from the fundraiser dashboard. Refer this article to know more about marketing strategies for nonprofits to raise donation with ExtraDonation.

No, we don’t ask for any amount or hidden fees to use ExtraDonation. It’s free forever. By providing the free service, we are doing our bit to help the world become better place to live the life.

We tested our code and verify the quality of the standard to match various website configurations. If still there is anything to be done extra. We can discuss when you register for ExtraDonation.

No, for every shopping, the online stores shares the percentage of purchased product as donation to nonprofit. The purchased item will be delivered by stores or brands. The amount you get as donation will be available in dashboard for withdrawal.

No, there is nothing that needs to be done by a fundraiser for partnering with stores, or manage brands or collaborate with them or any such operations.

Once you register as a fundraiser, you can log in to the dashboard. In the dashboard, under the widget setup option, you can change the setting as you want like colors, labels, HIW section, and many more with simple clicks. No coding required.

Yes, you will get the Javascript codes to place on your website as a floating icon, button, or preload on-page.

Yes, the organization/charity can upload their logo in fundraiser dashboard which will appear on top left widget popup.

There is an option in fundraiser dashboard to update label content.

No, we don’t offer or accept any paid service on demand.

ExtraDonation currently offers Paypal automatic transfer only. We are planning to include other withdrawal options sooner.

As a fundraiser, you simply need to enter your PayPal email id and set the limit for auto withdrawal of donation. Once donation amount reached the limits the donation will be released automatically in your Paypal account.

There are no charges to withdraw the donation from ExtraDonation. However, Paypal may charge the currency conversion charges.

In the fundraiser dashboard, you can view every detail of donors, brands (Stores), the amount donated date-wise.

Yes, every donation will be labelled with “pending” and “confirmed” as status. So as a fundraiser, you will have the idea of coming donation. Similarly, you can view the overall donation status from all stores and donors.

Yes, we show this data in your dashboard in graph format where you can see the total number of clicks donors have clicked on your widget, the number of donors who visited the stores, and the total number of donations done. All these data are tracked with dates to have a better idea of stats.

Yes, the login for donors is not mandatory. They can easily shop and donate without sharing any personal information.

Yes, donors search their favorite store at the top search bar. Donors can also browse stores alphabetically.

The shopping experience is as similar as we shop online from any other online stores. Also, we provide a section for “how it works” at top of the shopping popup. So your donors have an idea of how they start from browsing and charity withdraws the donation at the end. We have the button of how it works video as well where you can upload your Youtube video via the link.

If the donor chooses to donate by registering themselves, they can log in to the donor dashboard. In the donor dashboard, there is an option for “missing donation?” where they can raise a ticket for missing donation. Our executive will solve the problem asap and notified to the donor.

Yes, donors don’t need to perform any manual operation to donate. Once the shopping gets successfully done, the donation will be automatically transferred to the fundraiser dashboard.

No, there are no fees or extra charges for donors to shop from the ExtraDonation widget on your website. Donors only need to pay the shopping amount and applicable taxes on brands or store websites.

We list the donation rates for all the online stores on the widget. You can check the donation rates that varies from 2 to 25% for different stores.


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